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Niocle Arnett Phillips Allow me to introduce myself...

I publish design thinking for designers.
With a deep passion for traditional printed media I write, design and produce limited edition books
and journals to educate, challenge and engage design audiences. I also use digital media to keep a blog of interesting conversations, inspirations, process and experimentation.

Professional v. Passionate Practice.
As a designer my professional practice centres around delivering outcomes appropriate to the clients needs. I really value my clients and believe creative consulting is a great system - happy clients and a healthy bank balance. Better yet its self-perpetuating. Happy clients come back and the best kind of happy clients do your marketing for you by telling everyone they know how brilliant you are! However I believe the creative consulting system is not sustainable in isolation. Designers motivations are different than practitioners in any other profession. To the passionate creative like you and I - Money isn’t everything… No matter how much cash we have in the bank from our lucrative professional practice if we are not pursuing our own self generated creative enquiries (where you put yourself rather than your clients first), you will become depleted and creatively bankrupt. You loose a sense of yourself and your work becomes inauthentic and stale. Thats no good for you or your clients!) My antidote to this is a passionate practice. As Typograph.Her I experiment, explore, research, create, curate and publish.

Publishing design discovery through experimentation, conversation, curation and collaboration.

You can find out more about me here