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Typograph.Journal Vol02


The second volume investigates, design rituals, constraints in design, problem solving, and visual logic to answer the question ' Where do we find, and how do we feed our creative energy?' A critical question to design practitioners that operate in create-on-demand roles. As we are required to constantly (and consistently) produce creative outcomes of a high calibre to meet client requirements, budgets and timelines. Typically we walk a fine line between thriving under the pressure vs. being burnt out and creatively blocked. Typograph.Journal volume 02 gives insight into approach to practice and encourages us to create workplace rituals, culture and process that satisfy our creative urges and foster the bravery, risk and spirit required in design.

As well as visual research and ideation, Volume 02 contains, articles, profiles, and conversations with talented creatives from many backgrounds at different stages in their careers. Including; Jessica Hische, Caren Florance, Matt Vergotis, Luke Lucas, Peter Rudledge, Deane Featonby, Barry Spencer and Ash Brennan.

The Education section also includes resources, events listings and another bumper glossary with typographic terms and design vernacular for curious creative minds.

ISSN 2203-5966

Limited to 1000 Copies printed 2 colour (Black and Pantone 325U) by PrintCraft onto Australian made Grange paper stock.